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Professional Oil Change Services in Houston, TX

An oil change is one of the most important services you can have for your vehicle. Don’t cut corners with a cheap, inferior oil change service. Give your vehicle the professional oil change it deserves at Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists.

The heart of your vehicle is the engine, and motor oil is your engine’s lifeblood. Motor oil flows through various parts of your engine, lubricating parts, reducing friction, and minimizing wear and tear along the way. But that’s just the beginning. Motor oil contains specialized additives and detergents that clean the various internal parts. It also channels heat away from components while forming a seal.

Over time, motor oil becomes less efficient at maintaining the right level of lubrication between the engine parts. Eventually, the motor oil will degrade and break down, turning into sludge which is why it’s imperative to have oil change services. An oil change is one of the most important preventative maintenance services for your vehicle. Contact Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists today to schedule the best oil change in Houston, TX.

Expert Oil Change Services at Sherwood Forest Auto

At Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists, we are the leading center for professional oil change services. Every oil change we perform adheres to the manufacturer’s specific suggestions. From the oil filter to the type of replacement oil used, everything will meet or exceed the criteria from the manufacturer. At Sherwood Forest Auto Repair Specialists, we prioritize your vehicle’s health and longevity. That’s why we exclusively use manufacturer-recommended oil and the appropriate weight, paired with OEM or OE-equivalent filters. Rest assured, you won’t find any of those budget filters you might encounter at local oil and lube shops. We believe in quality, every step of the way.

Complimentary 25-Point Inspection

While oil change services are routine, Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists offers exceptional services at every turn. Every oil change at Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists will receive a complimentary 25-point inspection. Our mechanic will capture photo and video documentation of any issues or signs of wear and tear we encounter. Afterward, we will itemize each issue and its corresponding cost to ensure clarity regarding the suggested repairs.

Your service underwriter will distinguish between urgent auto repair issues and those that can wait. Armed with this explanation, you’ll be equipped to make the best and most informed decision. We will never attempt to pressure you to have one service or another, and we will always infuse the highest level of transparency at every turn.

Are Synthetic Oil Change Services Better?

Synthetic motor oil is a man-made lubricant composed of artificially manufactured compounds. On the other hand, conventional motor oil is made using refined crude oil. Because of the unique molecular structure of synthetic oils, they offer several benefits over conventional motor oil. For starters, synthetic motor oil lasts longer and performs better over a wider range of temperatures. Synthetic motor oil flows better in colder temperatures and can even help prevent breakdowns in the extreme Houston, TX summer heat. In the end, synthetic motor oil is typically better for vehicles. A few key benefits of synthetic motor oil include:

How Often Should I Have an Oil Change?

Previously, manufacturers would suggest you have an oil change every 3,000 miles. Fortunately, today’s modern synthetic oil lasts significantly longer, which means you can go further between oil changes. Most manufacturers suggest you have an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles if it uses synthetic oil. However, if your vehicle uses conventional oil, you may need an oil change every 3,000 miles.

Contact Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists for the Best Oil Change Services in Houston, TX

Don’t settle for subpar oil change services. While you may have no problem finding a quick lube on every corner, these facilities use cheaper replacement filters and low-grade oil—regardless of what the manufacturer suggests. Considering the importance of an oil change, you shouldn’t allow anyone to cut corners.

Instead, Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists offers the best, most professional oil change services. As a bonus, every oil change comes with a complimentary multi-point vehicle inspection. Whether you drive a Toyota, Ford, Ram, or any other model, the team at Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists can and will help. Contact us today for premium oil change services.

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