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Comprehensive Suspension & Steering Repair Services in Houston, TX

Your vehicle’s suspension system is integral to your ability to steer and maneuver your vehicle. If you notice an out-of-the-ordinary performance, it will not rectify itself. Instead, you need the professional expertise of Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists.

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems are an interconnected network of parts and components that help you stay in control whenever you’re on the road. More specifically, the steering and suspension bear the weight of your vehicle, assist in achieving a safer, smoother ride, and keep your tires on the road.

With so much riding on your suspension and steering system, all components must be safe and properly performing. However, if you notice anything unusual or experience the first signs of suspension and steering problems, the experts at Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists in Houston, TX can help. Contact Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists today for suspension and steering service in Houston, TX.

Understanding Your Suspension System

Your vehicle’s suspension system is a sophisticated network of components designed to absorb the impact of various road imperfections. The key elements of a suspension system include:

  1. Coil Springs: These springs absorb vibrations and shocks when your vehicle encounters bumps or irregularities on the road.
  2. Shock Absorbers: Also known as shocks or dampers, these components support the coil springs by dampening the effects of bumps and jolts.
  3. Linkages/Rods: Rods and linkages play a vital role in securely connecting the various parts of your suspension system.
  4. Bearings and Joints: Joints and bearings facilitate the movement and mobility of other suspension components.
  5. Anti-Sway Bar: This component helps control movement between your wheels and the steering wheel, enhancing the stability and direction of your vehicle as it travels on the road.

Suspension and Steering Inspection

Whether your vehicle is pulling to the side or your tires shake, you should have a suspension and steering inspection at the first sign of trouble. Doing so can identify the source of the problem and potentially prevent a minor issue from becoming a more expensive repair. At Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists, our mechanic will perform a comprehensive suspension and steering inspection to assess the condition of all components, including:

We will also inspect other suspension and steering components, such as:

After the inspection, we will discuss our findings, share photos, and explain any suspension and steering repair suggestions we may have.

Comprehensive Suspension & Steering Repair

Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists offers comprehensive suspension and steering repair services. From shocks and struts replacement to power steering fluid service, we are the one-stop shop for your automotive repair needs.

Brake Repair and Services

Shock and Strut Replacement in Houston, TX

One of the most common suspension and steering repairs we perform is shock and strut replacement. While shocks and starts both help with your vehicle’s handling and ride, they work differently:

  • Shocks are individual parts of your suspension system
  • Struts are major, weight-bearing structural parts of your suspension and chassis

Most manufacturers suggest shock replacement at around 30,000 miles, while struts may need to be replaced less frequently.

Wheel Alignment Services at Houston, TX

A wheel alignment has little to do with physically adjusting your wheels. Instead, a wheel alignment is all about adjusting three suspension angles:

  1. Camber
  2. Toe
  3. Caster angle

We leverage state-of-the-art wheel alignment technology to restore your vehicle’s suspension to factory settings.

Additional Suspension and Steering Services

In addition, Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists offers a plethora of other suspension and steering services:

  1. CV axle replacement
  2. Wheel bearing repair
  3. Coil springs replacement
  4. Control arm replacement
  5. Joints, bushings, and bearing replacement
  6. And more

How Do I Know I Need Suspension and Steering Service in Houston, TX?

Typically, your vehicle will issue distinct indications it needs suspension and steering repair in Houston, TX. It’s critical to pay attention to any changes in handling and performance. If you notice any of the following signs, contact the experts at Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists as soon as possible:

Contact Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists for Suspension Repair & Steering Services

When you need suspension and steering service, Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists can and will help. As the leading auto repair and fleet service center in Houston, TX, we offer a full range of suspension repair and steering services for virtually all makes and models. Contact us today!

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