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The Top Signs You Need Brake Repair: A Guide for Houston Drivers

Closeup of car mechanic repairing brake pads | Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists

The brakes on your car are a critical safety system made of several components. When one of those components fails, the brakes fail, putting your life and others at risk. Brakes are a wear-and-tear item, which means that they only last so long before you have to replace them. In many cases, they’ll give you warning signs that they are going to fail. The auto repair technicians at Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists in Houston TX provide brake repair and service to keep your vehicle safe.

Signs Your Vehicle’s Brakes Are Failing

If you know what to look for, you can often get your vehicle into the shop before the brakes fail or before the pads damage other components in the brake system.

Loss of Braking Power

If you don’t feel any resistance while pressing the brake pedal and it goes all the way to the floor, or the brakes don’t respond as they should, you could have a brake fluid leak or air in the brake lines. This is cause for immediate attention – in fact, you should not drive the vehicle but instead, have it towed to a trusted auto repair facility immediately to ensure your safety and prevent further damage.

Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal

When the brakes feel soft or spongy, you may have air in the brake lines or a fluid leak. Since the braking system is a closed system, this is a big problem that requires a tow truck and a brake specialist.

Warning Lights and Messages

Your vehicle may have warning lights, warning messages, or a combination of both. Most vehicles also have two brake lights – one for the brake system and one for the anti-lock brake system (ABS).

If any lights or messages come on, get your vehicle to a brake specialist at Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists in Houston TX as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem could cause additional damage or a wreck.

Burning Smell

A burning odor upon brake application typically indicates overheating. This normally happens when you use them a lot on a steep hill. If you smell burning when your foot is not on the brakes, you may have a stuck caliper or collapsed brake hose.

Both of them cause the brake pad to constantly rub on the rotor, so you should stop and call a tow truck. You may be able to save the pads and rotor if it didn’t do too much damage.


When the brakes squeal, it’s often due to a metal tab attached to the backing plate rubbing the rotors. This design is on purpose to let you know the pads are getting low. If you ignore it, the pads will be so thin or not there at all – then you get grinding noises when the metal backing plate rubs the rotor. By then, the rotor is destroyed, and you have a significant loss of braking effectiveness.

Pulling to One Side

If the vehicle pulls to one side when you step on the brakes, you may have a stuck caliper. Another sign of a stuck caliper is that the brake pads are not worn evenly. Additionally, a collapsed brake hose could cause pulling.

Brake Fluid Leaks

When you check the brake fluid, and it’s low, you most likely have a brake fluid leak. A brake specialist at Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists can locate and repair the leak. If you ignore it, you will eventually lose your brakes.

Pulsations and/or Vibrations

If you feel a vibration or pulsation when you step on the brakes, you may have a warped rotor. Rotors can warp when they get too hot or too thin. Warped rotors can significantly affect braking performance.

Increased Stopping Distance

If you notice that it seems to take longer for the vehicle to stop when stepping on the brakes or the brake pedal travels more than halfway to the floor, it’s time to change the brake pads. You may also have other issues with the braking system.

Contact Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists For Brake Repair in Houston, TX

If you suspect issues with your vehicle’s brakes or you lose braking power, contact a brake specialist at Sherwood Forest Auto Specialists at (281) 272-6671 for an appointment or direct the tow truck to bring your vehicle to 1818 Sherwood Forest St., Houston, TX 77043.

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